Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just some thoughts

Well Marty has been home for a month now and I am slowly getting use to him being back and then there are days that I am ready to ship him back off too! Since Marty has been home he has went back out to the shipyard to work and while he was gone for 8 months there were alot of changes made in his department. QA went to Union which changed everything for them...NO sick time, NO more overtime (unless they really need you), No more accruing vacation time you get it on your anniversary that you signed up with NG and so on and so on. Anyways Marty has applied for several other places he has heard from some but we are waiting on one certain job so please PRAY that he will hear back from this certain job and that he will get a interview and possibly get hired. Also PRAY for Marty's dad he was readmitted to the hospital on Wednesday he has two other strokes and now has a blood clot in his lungs. The doctors still do not know what has caused any of it but his daddy has alot of illnesses too ( diabetes, high cholesterol and he is very obese.

On a happier note I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I got something that I have been wanting for a LONG time...all of the carpet was ripped out of my house and new laminate wood floors were put in!! NO CARPET IN THE HOUSE!!! I am a happy person right now. "Santa" brought us Guitar Hero world tour for Christmas this year so me and Marty and the kids have been rocking out at the house this weekend!! Noah is a big singer and it is so funny to watch how he really gets into it and Hayden...well he is trying on the drums and maybe he will get that you have to hit the color that is on the screen! I wish you could all see Marty sing Micheal Jackson's "Beat It" it was so funny!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year...until then!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home is where....

Home is where my husband finally least for the past two nights!! Marty came home Friday, when I got home from work we loaded up and headed to Hattiesburg. Marty's dad is in the hospital so we went to see him. Needless to say I got two nights with my hubby!! He is staying with his dad tonight at the hospital so I don't mind. I'm glad he is home but yes he had already started to aggravate me some!!!!! But what husband doesn't aggravate their wife?? I'm ready to get my Christmas stuff out and get the house decorated! I will be doing all of that on Wednesday since I will be at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving and I will be shopping all day Friday (but I will start on Thursday night with my friends!!).
I went and saw my friend Candi today, she came home from the hospital and she looked good, the only bad part is that she has to go back on Tuesday for some more outpatient surgery on her left breast. The tissue isn't working so they are going to get some tissue flown in tomorrow so she can have the surgery on Tuesday. I told her I had more than enough tissue to donate that they didn't need to send some!! Pray for Candi, she is a little down right now about all of this but she knows this was the best option for her in her situation.
This week is going to busy for me but im excited about going out with my friends Thursday night to start our Christmas shopping!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT week and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 months later

After 9 LONG (but fun) months Marty will be returning home for good!! Am I happy?? Of course I am but ask me that next week when he starts invading my space!! We will have alot to catch up on, I am glad that he went to work in another state because I probably would have never taken a trip to Virginia. I must say it was a beautiful state and I would even consider living there...but it is to far away from my momma nd my friends!! Pray for Marty's dad he had a stroke this morning and we really don't know much of anything other than they have run some test on him and his stepmom is waiting on the results. We will probably be making a trip to Hattiesburg this weekend to see them. On another note I am happy to say that my friend Candi who had a double macestomy and reconstructive surgery done on Monday and then had to go back in for surgery on Tuesday due to a blood clot on her left side is now doing very well. She is a trooper and I applaud her for what she did to protect herself down the road from getting cancer since she has such a HIGH RISK of getting cancer. Pray that she will continue to get better so she can go home. Anyways, I have a few more things to do before Marty gets home tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where have I been??

i know, I haven't posted anything in a long time. I try to read everyone blog each week but I never seem to post anything. So where have I been.....???? BUSY is all I have to say. For the past 8 almost 9 months I have been a single momma since Marty has been in Virginia working. I am glad he went to work out there cause I may have never even thought about going to Virginia. I went and I loved it up there, almost to the point that if Marty called me to say they want him to stay for good and that we were moving I would have said ALRIGHTY then!! But then again I would have been very sad leaving my family and all of my FRIENDS behind. I have some wonderful friends that have helped me and kept me company these past 8 months and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Marty has missed so much this year, Hayden graduated from preschool and started kindergarten. He saw a few ballgames when he was home on the weekends. I know he hates missing stuff the boys are doing but he is providing for his family. I feel like it helped our marriage out alot and we enjoy each other more now. Lets see if I'm saying that in 15 days when he comes home!! LOL
Im ready for him to be home though and Im ready for the holidays. After the first of the year Marty may be leaving to go to California to work. I have to say I am not to disappointed in that since I would love to visit San Diego! We will just ahve to wait and see!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What Im Thinking....

I'm having some issues. I am so sick of people trying to be something or someone they are not. I also cannot stand when someone LIES to get attention. I mean seriously people do you have to make up some outrageous story to make your life look like a fairy tale. Money doesn't grow on trees ( at least I ha vent found the tree yet). I am not trying to say that I am jealous of someone Else's life because I'm not. I am perfectly happy with what i have and what I am able to do. Yes I would like to be able to do more and even have a little more but that will come with time. I just do not know how some people do it sometimes, you know the ones that throw money around like it grows on a tree in their back yard. The lying part is what hurts the most.
Anyways, I'm sure this is going to throw some people off but I just wanted to say what I was thinking.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Be THANKFUL for your mother everyday

Last week has been a sad week. A co-worker and very good friend of mine called me Sunday a week ago to let me know that her mom was in the ICU on a ventilator and not doing well. I had just seen her mom the day before and granted she was sick and I could tell I never expected for that to be the last time that I speak to her or see her. Kaila (my friend and co-worker) was very close to her mother and loved her and talked to her everyday. Kaila is a only child so her mom was like her sister. After getting the phone call on Friday afternoon that her mom had passed away all I could do was cry. My heart hurt for Kaila and her family. Kaila's mom was only 47. Her mom was not a sickly person she passed away because she had a bad case of pneumonia and did not get it treated properly. So if you are like me, I called my mom and proceeded to tell her that if she even gets a cough she is going to the doctor. I DO NOT know or CANNOT even begin to imagine what it would be like not to have my mom around anymore. So therefore I will never go a day without telling my mother that I love her. Life is short so live it to the fullest!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching up

Okay so Ive been out of blog land for about a month. I have been SUPER busy over the past month. School started and having a 3rd grader and a kindergartner while playing single mom can be a little tough sometimes. Noah is enjoying 3rd grade so far this year and yesterday he got his progress report. I was proud of my man and his 3 A's and 2 B's. We are going to work on those B's and turn them into A's! Hayden is enjoying kindergarten even though he has already missed several days of school because of sickness. I was afraid of this, his first week of school he missed 2 days because of a stomach bug and last week he missed 2 days because he was in the hospital with the croup for one day out of those 2 days. Hayden has always been my sick child and I am hoping as he gets older he will out grow this. His daddy was the same way as he was growing up and when his daddy gets sick now you would think he was dying! LOL I think every man is like that though!!
Work has been a place I will call HELL right now. I work cor a Children's Clinic and flu season has hit 2 months early and it is complete chaos. We turned in out time sheets today and in the past 2 weeks I have been at that place for 94 hours and trust me my body is feeling it.
Other than school and work we haven't done much more around here. Marty has been home 3 times recently and we have had some pretty good weekends. Hayden has his first soccer game on Saturday so I will be posting some pics from that...sometime!
I had the IUD put in about a week ago and I can honestly say I cant wait to see if I don't have a period with this. Who knows how it will work but I will see.
I also want to say Thank You to my great friends. Since Marty has been gone these past 7 months I have leaned on my friends alot and I am so happy that I have great friends that are here to help me with anything! I love yall!